• Delivering holistic and
    effective water solutions

Water Re-Use

KMH understands that clients are currently dealing with the following issues when it comes to water re-use:

  • Strict guidelines to finalise construction projects within funding schedules and budgets
  • Stronger government regulation and costs of disposal of brine or other waste streams
  • Increasing energy and water costs for plant operations
  • Multiple process options for stormwater, groundwater and rainwater re-use
  • Risks associated with providing potable drinking water from alternate sources.

Our highly experienced engineering team can assist you to overcome these issues by:

  • Negotiating with regulatory authorities on our clients behalf
  • Implementing practical and cost-effective solutions
  • Designing, fabricating and supplying turn-key solutions
  • Acting as the “Owner’s Engineer” assisting with production of tender documents, specifications and bid evaluations
  • Carrying out feasibility or planning studies
  • Undertaking risk assessments and mitigation through process design and other measures
  • Modifying existing treatment plants to accommodate water re-use
  • Reducing clients on-going operating and waste disposal costs.

During the course of your project, KMH will evaluate potential cost savings and funding opportunities for innovative practical solutions to your water re-use issues.

Call us on 1800 625 211 to discuss how KMH’s specialist water re-use engineers can assist you with your project.