• Delivering holistic and
    effective water solutions

Wastewater Treatment

KMH designs and implements effective wastewater treatment systems for industrial and municipal sewage facilities.

Our experienced wastewater treatment engineers provide expert advice and solutions to:

  • Optimise and troubleshoot treatment plant operations
  • Minimise operating and maintenance costs
  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Address biosolids disposal
  • Minimise energy and water costs for plant operation
  • Identify technical and funding opportunities to recover resources, such as energy, water, nutrients and biosolids
  • Identify opportunities to convert recovered resources to cost savings or saleable products.

We provide tailored wastewater treatment solutions to meet your specific requirements in the following areas:

  • Primary, secondary and tertiary treatment by physical, chemical and biological processes
  • Screening, flotation, cyclone phase separations, chemical flocculation, precipitation and adsorption
  • Activated sludge, high rate bio-filter, biological and chemical nutrient (N&P) removal, aerobic and anaerobic processes
  • Sewage treatment plant design and operation trouble shooting
  • Land based treatments involving lagoon, woodland, wetlands, grass plots, irrigation and sludge – dewatering, drying and composting
  • Anerobic digestion solutions
  • Assessment and audits of water and energy usage at wastewater treatment plants identifying large contributors to operating costs, such as biological treatment plants aeration.

Please contact our experienced wastewater treatment engineers today to discuss your requirements.