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Trade Waste Wastewater

Need to reduce trade waste costs?

KMH understands industrial trade waste customers are currently dealing with:

  • Increasing disposal costs for trade waste to sewer
  • Stricter regulation and enforcement on trade waste, disposal of solids and other waste streams
  • Increasing costs for biosolids disposal
  • Increasing energy and water costs for operating plants
  • Greater corporate responsibility standards.

Our tailor made solutions can assist your organisation to:

  • Minimise ongoing trade waste disposal costs by reducing solids and organic load (TSS, TDS, BOD) in effluent
  • Diagnose underperforming wastewater treatment plants
  • Optimise existing wastewater treatment plants (little or no capital expenditure)
  • Diagnose odour issues and poor biosolids dewatering issues
  • Assess the feasibility of new process unit addition to existing treatment plants
  • Evaluate commercial and technical options to suit your needs and budget
  • Develop and implement practical cost-effective solutions
  • Work with you on compliance issues and negotiate with regulatory authorities on your behalf
  • Achieve cost savings by recovering or converting resources, such as energy, water, nutrients and biosolids, to cost savings or saleable products.

Please contact us to discuss your trade waste requirements.