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Waste Strategy

KMH Environmental has a highly skilled, multi-disciplined team of waste professionals who are experienced in preparing effective waste strategies and waste management plans. We develop waste strategies and plans that are focused on turning efficiency goals and long-term objectives into practical implementation advice.

KMH specifically tailors our waste plans and strategies to our client’s characteristics and requirements. We first review your current waste management practices and then identify a clear strategy and timeline to optimise your organisations’ management of waste.

A Waste Management Plan and Strategy can provide a range of benefits including:

  • Achieving considerable cost savings
  • Improving recycling rates
  • Reducing contamination of recyclables
  • Reducing waste going to landfill
  • Assisting in developing campaigns to foster better waste management behaviour
  • Achieving higher environmental standards
  • Improving community reputation and standing.

Call us to discuss how KMH‘s specialist waste consultants can develop your waste strategy and management plans.