Policy Development & Compliance

Policy Development & Compliance

KMH offers core expertise in Municipal, Industrial and Hazardous waste legislation advice, development, support, compliance and reporting. Our expertise and range of regulatory advice and compliance services includes:

Federal Government:

  • Advice on International Conventions such as Stockholm, Basel and Waigani
  • Advice on Hazardous Waste Act permitting
  • Regulatory Impact Statements, including cost benefit analysis, options development
  • and stakeholder consultation
  • Regulatory review
  • Chemical and waste hazard assessment.
  • Advice and support on Australian Packaging Covenant compliance.

State Government:

  • Waste licensing, permitting, approvals and commissioning studies
  • Hazardous waste transport and tracking
  • Hazardous waste classification
  • Annual performance reporting
  • Resource recovery exemptions and resource efficiency programs
  • Landfill levies, financial assurances, audit, management and monitoring.

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