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Planning & Approvals

Early involvement by experienced environmental specialists in the development of new infrastructure is essential for a successful outcome in terms of site allocation and planning applications. KMH offers a comprehensive and experienced waste planning services, aimed at obtaining planning approvals for the full range of waste management facilities including:

  • landfill sites,
  • energy from waste facilities,
  • waste treatment facilities (recycling & composting) and
  • transfer stations.

KMH is able to offer comprehensive waste planning support services, specifically aimed at waste and resource recovery infrastructure:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Site identification and assessment
  • Review of alternative sites and technologies
  • Assessment of need
  • Compliance reviews
  • Planning submission
  • Preparation of implementation plans, including site restoration & aftercare
  • Technology selection and due diligence
  • Expert witness & planning appeals

KMH has extensive in-house expertise in the submission of planning applications and EIAs, compliance review. For further information please contact us.