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Alternative Waste Technologies

Increasing costs of waste disposal, pressure to improve sustainable outcomes and diminishing space for landfill are creating opportunities for the development of new technologies that recover more resources from the waste stream and convert waste into energy or useful by-products while minimising environmental impacts. These technologies are collectively known as Alternative Waste Technologies or AWT.

There are three main areas of AWT:

  • Biological Treatment – Anaerobic Digestion or Aerobic Decompositions (various forms of composting)
  • Thermal Treatment – Incineration, Pyrolysis and Gasification
  • Modifications to landfilling – Bioreactor Landfills and Pre-treatment Landfill

There is no one technology that will solve all waste issues and challenges however our experienced consultants assist clients to sort through the vested interests to develop and advise on the best waste solution suited to each client’s unique situation and goals.

For many organisations, implementing an AWT solution is complex due to:

  • the vast number of technology solutions potentially available;
  • issues surrounding the economic viability of different solutions; and
  • uncertainty in how much energy can be produced for a given amount of feedstock

KMH provides a range of services to assist organisations with the development and delivery of AWT. KMH can:

  • Provide advice on energy usage, feedstock availability and price
  • Conduct financial viability studies on potential energy generation solutions
  • Recommend the most appropriate technology for available renewable fuel feedstocks
  • Ensure that plant will perform as claimed by manufacturers by performing due diligence studies on potential technology solutions
  • Maximise cost and environmental benefit (the integration of systems to provide electrical power, heating and cooling) through optimisation studies
  • Get a selected process up and running by conducting environmental impact assessment, planning and permitting services
  • Provide robust business cases to assist with the financing of appropriate infrastructure.

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