• Delivering sustainable and
    cost effective solutions

Energy Efficient Solutions

Electricity costs are increasing and it is therefore important to understand how energy and carbon impacts your business.

KMH’s consultants can assist your business to implement a full spectrum of energy and greenhouse gas management solutions allowing you to:

  • Reduce operational and energy costs
  • Prepare for electricity price increases
  • Prepare for current and future regulatory reporting (e.g. reduced thresholds of the National Greenhouse & Energy Reporting scheme – NGER)
  • Minimise risk  in response to changes in carbon pricing
  • Improve performance through corporate social responsibility reporting
  • Optimise energy measurement and monitoring.

Our energy efficient solutions will assist your business to:

  • Develop energy and carbon management strategies
  • Identify relevant funding and assistance programs and streamline the application process for funding proposals
  • Conduct energy audits consistent with AS/NZS Standard 3598:2000 and the EEO energy assessment framework
  • Design and develop Energy Management Systems in accordance with ISO 50001
  • Identify energy saving opportunities and calculate payback periods
  • Develop energy efficiency action plans
  • Enhance your business case for energy efficiency initiatives
  • Tailor energy efficiency implementation plans specific to your goals and resources
  • Planning the project, procurement and implementation phases
  • Select technical equipment and design process improvements
  • Develop risk mitigation and management strategies
  • Track and verify your post-project results.

Please contact us to discuss your businesses energy efficiency requirements today on 1800 625 211.