• Delivering sustainable outcomes
    & gaining community acceptance

Social Impact Assessment

Governments and the community have increasing interest in what social impacts a project has and how they will be managed. A wide range of factors, including the community profile and social infrastructure, must be taken into account to ensure the social well-being of communities is managed during the planning, construction and operation phases of a project.  The lack of a comprehensive social impact assessment can put a project at risk of long-term delay, active community resistance or stringent approval conditions.

Our experienced social impact assessment consultants can work with your organisation to:

  • Develop a social baseline to understand the current social context
  • Integrate community engagement within the social assessment process
  • Undertake social assessment of potential project impacts for planning and approval requirements
  • Develop practical mitigation measures for identified social impacts
  • Deliver social impact management plans
  • Minimise political risk by identifying key social impacts and mitigation measures.

Our team has undertaken social impact assessments in a variety of industries including:

  • Major road and transport planning projects
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Mine and resource sector
  • Utilities projects including electricity and water.

To discuss your social impact assessment needs with one of our expert consultants please call us today on 1800 625 211.