• Maximising environmental
    outcomes & minimising risks

Route Option and Constraints Analysis

Route selection and Constraints Analysis are critical components of most planning studies and can be applied to either linear or fixed infrastructure to:

  • Locate a site given an array of desirable attributes; and
  • Compare the performance of previously determined site/route options.

Applied to the environment, a Route Options or Constraints Analysis:

  • Provides a cost-effective means of reviewing the full suite of environmental and social issues
  • Identifies the key constraints which may potentially affect the development
  • Adds value to the project by providing early feedback on the potential key issues
  • Allows time for design options to be explored
  • Identifies opportunities to reduce any identified impacts.

KMH has experienced environmental planners who have worked on a wide range of projects related to route and site selections for:

  • Pipelines
  • Powerlines
  • Railway lines
  • Access roads
  • Other linear infrastructure.

Our team objectively evaluates options based on a specified range of criteria or identified constraints and then provides a clear rationale for selecting a preferred option. The process incorporates a range of qualitative and quantitative information. GIS tools can also be used to analyse large amounts of data or large geographic areas and at a minimum to present visually the identified constraints relative to the options investigated.

The way in which options analysis is presented and communicated to stakeholders and the community is critically important with the potential for options to generate interest and concern across multiple communities before a preferred option is identified.  KMH’s stakeholder engagement experts work closely with our environmental planners to minimise these risks during the option assessment process.

Please contact us for further information on our Route Option and Constraints Analysis experience and capability.