• Maximising environmental
    outcomes & minimising risks

Environmental Impact Assessment

Federal, State and local legislation requires a formal assessment of the possible positive or negative impacts that a proposed development or project may have on the environment prior to commencing the project. While some legislation is consistent across the States and Territories, other legislation requires specific formats and considerations within the impact assessment documentation.

An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) can result in:

  • Better environmental planning and project design
  • Minimisation of risks and impacts on the environment
  • Avoid associated costs of remedial action or compensation for damage
  • Ensure compliance with environmental standards and regulations
  • Reduce time and costs associated with approvals of development applications.

The EIA process involves the coordination and scheduling of multiple specialist inputs, interfacing with cross-discipline project teams, liaising with stakeholders and regulatory authorities as well as interpreting legislative requirements. As a specialist environmental consultancy, KMH is experienced in conducting environmental impact assessments (EIAs), including community consultation and social considerations. The KMH team has conducted EIAs across the waste, transport, energy, urban development and mining sectors.

KMH is well known for our environmental management experience on major infrastructure projects. This experience allows our consultants to draw heavily on the lessons learned ensuring that we provide a unique end-to-end project development and delivery expertise. This experience also ensures that the content of our assessment documents is focused on reducing risks and delays during the delivery phase which results in a more cost-effective service over the project development lifecycle.

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