• Strategic advice, evaluation
    and implementation

Energy Management Systems

An Energy Management System is a fundamental tool for how your organisation identifies, plans and implements energy savings and improvements. Key principles of a best-practice Energy Management Systems are essential to establish and operate an effective system.

KMH’s Energy Management Systems consultants can assist your organisation to implement key principals in order to:

  • Develop and implement an effective system in line with the international standard ISO 50001:2011
  • Increase profit through more efficient energy operations
  • Establish comprehensive and realistic processes to monitor energy use and resources
  • Align your Energy Management System with existing corporate policies and processes
  • Increase business value by acknowledging the importance of energy
  • Ensure the Energy Management System processes and procedures comply with legal and contractual energy requirements.
  • Integrate your Energy Management System with other management systems such as environmental management (ISO14001) and quality management (ISO9001) systems.
  • Empower employees to develop and implement new initiatives that improve energy performance.
  • Establish continuity and consistency in energy management.

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