• Delivering project certainty
    and sustainable outcomes

Pre-Construction Approvals

KMH provide expert advice on the approach required at the pre-construciton stage of a project to ensure that the project commences construction as soon as possible after receiving planning permission. This involves consulting with relevant regulatory authorities to ensure that appropriate management plans and systems are in place to address the Statements of Committment and Condition of Approval. It also involves consultation and documentation to obtain Environmental Protection Licences (EPLs) where required.

Obtaining these pre-construction approvals can be a major challenge when complex legislative frameworks are combined with protracted approval timelines. Indeed, delayed project approvals generate significant uncertainty in project feasibility and can contribute to a significant increase in overall program and project costs.

KMH has wide-ranging experience in the negotiation of pre-construction approvals. We can prepare comprehensive documentation and evidence for applications to regulatory authorities and negotiate conditions of licences and approvals for the best outcomes for the environment and our clients.

KMH can manage your pre-construction approvals to:

  • Minimise the chance of delays in construction start-up through a comprehensive approvals strategy
  • Navigate through complex environmental legislative and regulatory requirements
  • Effectively anticipate regulatory requirements for constructors
  • Ensure compliance with environmental regulations
  • Ensure certainty in program delivery

Those approvals include:

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