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    and sustainable outcomes

Environmental Management Representative Roles

The Environmental Management Representative (EMR) is an independent expert in environmental management, responsible for ensuring that companies and their contractors comply with the mitigation measures and safeguards documented in their Environmental Management Plans.


  • Oversees the environmental performance of project for the duration of construction.
  • Reviews and signoffs on management and approvals documentation,
  • Conducts site inspections,
  • Facilitates community and stakeholder forums and
  • Reports to regulators and stakeholders.

KMH’s key personnel are considered experts in their field and provide not only EMR related services but offer effective maintenance and improvement to environmental management.

KMH has extensive EMR experience on major infrastructure projects in Australia and is highly respected by the regulators. Our team:

  • Are highly experienced in interpretation of legislative requirements
  • Work collaboratively with constructors and regulators.

For further information on our capability or recent project experience please contact us to speak to one of our consultants.