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    and sustainable outcomes

Construction Waste Management

Builders and Construction Contractors are under increasing pressure to reduce construction waste going to landfill. Despite construction and demolition waste being a substantial cost to the project, approximately 75% of this waste is recoverable material that represents a significant opportunity to increase the project’s efficiency and profitability.

KMH has extensive experience in managing construction and demolition waste in Australia and Internationally. We work with designers, architects and contractors to develop waste management plans to reduce, re-use and recover construction waste materials on-site.

KMH develop tailored construction waste management plans that help our clients:

  • Add value to projects by strategically designing out unnecessary waste at the forefront of the project
  • Significantly reduce the costs of disposing and transporting waste
  • Reduce project costs by re-using existing wastes onsite
  • Meet government tendering, contractual and planning waste to landfill requirements
  • Limit risks of environmental pollution penalties
  • Create a safer workplace and reduce onsite risks
  • Comply with any quality assurance obligations
  • Meet contractual obligations and potentially achieve higher green ratings for the development
  • Promote savings and best practice to existing and potential clients

To discuss your specific construction waste management requirements please contact KMH waste consultants on 1800 625 211 today