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Construction Environmental Management Plans

Construction Environment Management Plans (CEMP) must be prepared to deliver the high levels of environmental performance on site expected by the regulators and the public to ensure that a project or development complies with the vast array of environmental regulations.

No two management plans are the same as each site has its own unique challenges and environmental sensitivities. In addition, the challenge of producing an effective CEMP lies in being comprehensive enough to anticipate all potential environmental risks on site while still being comprehensible, practical and easy to implement.

KMH has a strong and skilled team who are confident in preparing Management Plans for construction, operation and rehabilitation that are practical and achieve environmental targets and goals. KMH’s expertise in compiling CEMPs across a wide range of different sites and environmental challenges allows us to:

  • Understand construction and potential environmental risks on site
  • Apply practical and technically sound environmental solutions onsite
  • Provide practical, succinct and easily understood documents
  • Ensure risks are minimised and easily adhered to
  • Find the balance between client onsite requirements and achieving regulatory compliance

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