• Delivering project certainty
    and sustainable outcomes

Construction Environmental Management

KMH has unequalled reputation and experience in delivering complex environmental approvals and construction environmental management on tunnelling, rail, road, water, mining and energy projects in Australia.  We have teamed with most of the major construction contractors in Australia and through ongoing project success, continue to gain repeat work from our clients.

KMH is uniquely placed to provide complete environmental management services that will contribute to:

  • Certainty that the project approvals and environmental risks will be fully managed.
  • Approvals strategy that provides project surety so construction can commence/proceed without unnecessary delay
  • Minimisation of project risk through proactive engagement with stakeholders and local community
  • Credible environmental strategy in the eyes of the client and regulators
  • Strong environmental credentials for a tender team

The following provides a summary of our services in Construction Environmental Management:

To discuss your construction environmental management needs with one of our expert consultants please call us today on 1800 625 211.