• Enhancing performance
    with effective auditing

Energy Auditing

Energy management and energy efficiency audits are critical to reducing your costs and managing your business risks. KMH’s consultants can assist you with energy management by conducting energy audits to improve environmental efficiency for your organisation.

KMH consultants can assist you to:

  • Reduce operating costs and achieve positive environmental change
  • Determine the best options for energy efficient systems and operating strategies
  • Determine, review and meet energy efficiency targets
  • Assess potential liability under current or proposed legislation
  • Advise on energy efficient technologies and process improvements to significantly reduce energy use.

KMH’s experienced energy efficiency auditors:

  • Conduct Level 2 and Level 3 energy audits consistent with AS/NZS Standard 3598:2000
  • Identify up-front costs and payback periods for energy saving opportunities.
  • Assist with submitting successful grant applications – CTIP, energy saver program (NSW)
  • Review infrastructure, systems, equipment and practices onsite to accurately estimate direct energy use
  • Conduct EEO energy assessment framework
  • Identify areas for improved energy efficiency and cost savings
  • Implement energy efficiency action plans.

To discuss your energy efficiency management requirements please contact our consultants on 1800 625 211 today.