• Delivering comprehensive
    air quality solutions

Odour and Air Quality Assessment

KMH odour specialists work collaboratively with our clients to identify practical and affordable odour management and mitigation solutions.  We understand the commercial challenges of meeting compliance and environmental improvement obligations and have developed a team of specialists focused on providing our clients with:

  • Cost-effective solutions that are practical and fit for purpose
  • Budgets that are realistic and affordable
  • Enhanced credibility with regulators
  • Improvement plans that are achievable
  • Cost savings by using cleaner production solutions rather than odour treatment systems.

KMH has strategically compiled a multi-disciplinary team to maximise the value provided to our clients in the process of understanding and controlling odour generation and discharge.

KMH specialist services include:

  • Compliance reporting
  • Site assessment
  • Dispersion modelling
  • Dust monitoring and assessment
  • Specialist studies for an Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Odour surveys
  • Odour control and treatment
  • Treatment system design and specification
  • Supply of turn-key treatment packages
  • Cleaner production – process and waste water engineering.

To discuss your odour assessments needs with one of our expert consultants please call us today.