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Compliance Management

The Australian regulators’ focus on enforcing compliance has increased significantly in recent years.  Whilst the impacts of untimely, incomplete or inaccurate reporting for voluntary undertakings are largely limited to reputation loss, there can be severe impacts in the case of mandatory reporting such as fines, heightened regulatory scrutiny or interruption to operations.

KMH understands the commercial challenges in meeting regulatory obligations and appreciates the need for compliance services to be lean, focused and of a high standard.

The KMH approach to compliance services mean that our clients:

  • Experience enhanced credibility with regulators
  • Avoid unnecessary non-conformances
  • Address non-conformances are in a timely, professional and cost effective manner

KMH has developed a multi-disciplinary air quality team that covers the range of specialist fields required to streamline compliance services.  These include:

  • Management of regulatory breach notices from EPA or Council
  • Site assessment and audits
  • Odour surveys
  • Air Quality Management Plans
  • Environmental Improvement Plans and mitigation strategies
  • Licence and NPI reporting.

To discuss your air quality compliance needs with one of our expert consultants please call us today on 1800 625 211.