• Delivering comprehensive
    air quality solutions

Air Quality

Air emissions are becoming one of the most significant environmental issues facing industry as regulations become increasingly stringent and communities become more aware of air quality issues.  KMH’s approach to air quality ensures that our clients achieve value, reliability and results within their available budget.

This approach means that our clients experience:

  • Enhanced relations with stakeholders from reliably meeting compliance requirements
  • Successful project outcomes
  • Improved environmental performance
  • Good value from streamlined services.

KMH understands that air quality compliance and impact can represent significant risk to business operations and that meeting these obligations can present critical commercial challenges.  KMH will work with you to:

  • Collaboratively define a scope that directly and efficiently addresses your needs
  • Reach and maintain compliance
  • Ensure that reliable, achievable and affordable solutions are implemented
  • Ensure that you have direct access to the experience of our diverse team.

This comprehensive approach to air quality has been achieved by compiling a multi-disciplinary team of experts, regulatory specialists and process engineers who provide the following air quality services:

To discuss your air quality management needs with one of our expert consultants please call us today on 1800 625 211.