Project: Oaky Creek Coal North East Extension Project

Client: Xstrata Oaky Creek Coal Mine

Location: Central Queensland

Services Provided: Social impact assessment

Project Details:
Xstrata Coal is conducting a feasibility study for the Oaky Creek Coal North East Extension Project (OCCNEEP) to investigate options for improving the current production and operation of the mine to ensure safe and reliable coal production into the future.

KMH were engaged to conduct the required social impact assessment as part of the feasibility study. This assessment:

  • identified and assessed how the construction of the OCCNEEP will directly and indirectly affect the community
  • provided a summary of the likely impacts and determine those that are significant
  • Identified mitigation, enhancement and monitoring measures to minimise the negative effects of the project and maximise positive impacts.

KMH also undertook stakeholder and community consultation activities on the project including:

  • Development of the Mine social baseline providing a basis of longitudinal assessment of social impacts
  • Assessment and review of current social and economic conditions of the community surrounding the Mine
  • Assessment of potential positive and negative social impacts, their consequence and identified mitigation measures
  • Review and updating of the site’s Social Involvement Plan; and
  • Identification of areas for further study and assessment.