Clean Technology Investment Program

CTIP Grant Assistance

Are you an Australian Manufacturer planning to upgrade your capital equipment?

Would you like assistance to submit a successful Clean Technology Investment Program (CTIP) application?

The Clean Technology Investment Program (CTIP) is an $800 million competitive, merit-based grants program to support Australian manufacturers cope with increasing energy costs and maintain competitiveness in a carbon constrained economy.

Successful applicants of the Clean Technology Investment Program (CTIP) will receive grants for investments in energy efficient capital equipment and low emission technologies, processes and products.

KMH Environmental’s highly experienced consultants can:

  • Identify your energy saving opportunities eligible for a CTIP grant
  • Maximise your chance of being successful with your CTIP grant application
  • Assist you to achieve better energy efficiency across your business

What does this mean for you?

  • We can identify clean tech projects for your business that are eligible for the CTIP grant
  • We reduce your operating costs and assist you to implement projects that may otherwise not proceed
  • We provide value for money by reducing the negative impact of the carbon tax and increasing energy costs
  • We take the pressure off you by minimising your involvement and increasing your success
  • We save you time and stress by doing the hard work for you

Interested… What are the next steps?

For further information about Clean Technology Investment Program (CTIP) and how KMH can assist your business:

Call us on 1800 625 211 or email us at info@kmh.com.au